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I think I may have hit a couple of home runs in terms of some real knockout dresses.This is such a great time of year, don't you think? Terrific chances to get out and about and show off all the latest acquisitions. I have an incredible number of summer party invitations, a couple of office picnics and a beach wedding So I go in search of some knockout  dresses for a multitude of occasion.  The hunt is on!

I'm going to run the gamut this year from a couple of total knockouts in the short mini dress category to a gorgeous gown leading up to that Wedding on the beach. I need some tricky ones for quasi business things where I have to walk a fine line between the stuffed shirt look and the slightly risky regular persona I have acquired (manufactured?).  Quite some trick, right? Well just you wait 'enry 'iggins!


Of course, finding knockout dresses is quite a trick in and of itself.  I have said it before but I rely a lot on Nordstrom's. At my local Providence Place, they have fabulous staff - terribly well trained and yet extraordinarily helpful.  I've been baled out a couple of times when time had run out. Neiman's, Saks and Bloomingdales are all good too.  I just wish that Providence Place had corralled them all as well as Nordstrom's.

As far as current designers I like or perhaps that suit my style I look for Michael Kors, BCBG Max Azria, Tadashi, Nicole Miller, Calvin Klein, Aidan Mattox and Alex Evenings.  As far as shoes are concerned Kate Spade and Martinez Valero. Just thinking about some of the knockout dresses and shoes I've laid hands on last winter season makes my mouth water.  This summer should be fantastic and the Fall and Winter are chirping already too!  I am so cranked up it's not funny!

Of course the formal stuff is really interesting as well. One this year is a "do" given by one of the significant other's major clients.  They throw a splendiferous party in the best hotel, two bands, awesome food and the dress competition is quite fierce. Not in the least worried because I scored a knockout in the first round with the Dolce & Gabbana Boned Lace Dress in dark green floral lace (from Neiman's) I bought.  That dress turned out to be very "right" for the type of party that  this always is. It's too early probably to shop for this year but you never know.  I'll keep my eyes peeled!